What Is Field of View?


The field of view is a term used to describe what something is seeing at any moment in time. While humans have about 180 degree field of view, some birds and insects have almost 360 degree field of view. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_of_view
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The field of view is how much of the world your camera can "see" The human eye for instance has a field of view of nearly 180 degrees, meaning you can see almost everything
It is the area that you see when looking through the microscope. The field of view depends on the strength of magnification. The lower the power the larger the field of view.
1. Set your microscope to its lowest magnification and note the magnification power. Position your slide scale - a microscope slide marked with measurements - or your clear ruler
( ′fēld əv ′vyü ) (optics) The area or solid angle which can be viewed through an optical instrument. Also known as field.
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field of view
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Your field of view would be whatever you can see at any given moment. It would include both your direct forward view, as well as anything you can perceive in your peripheral vision.
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