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The field of view is a term used to describe what something is seeing at any moment in time. While humans have about 180 degree field of view, some birds and insects have almost 360 degree field of view. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_of_view
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The definition of field of view is not the TV show on location in a field. It is that area that you can see. If using a camera or a microscope, your field of view is constrained to
The instantaneous field of view is the solid angle subtended by a single pixel of the imaging system. In remote sensing, one can use small angle approximations so that ifov = dx /
1. Click the “Camera” object under Scene at the top right corner of the blender window to view the camera object’s properties. 2. Click the camera-shaped “
The field of view (also field of vision) is the angular extent of the observable world that is
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field of view
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Your field of view would be whatever you can see at any given moment. It would include both your direct forward view, as well as anything you can perceive in your peripheral vision.
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The definition of the term field of view is the area that is visible by a persons naked eye. A field of view is often used when describing sight in a vehicle. ...
In light microscopy, lower magnification objective lenses are further from the specimen and survey a larger area, meaning more light enters the microscope, explains ...
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