What Is Fiji Famous for?


Fiji is famous for sporting activities like golf and rugby. The sport of golf has been made famous by golfer Vijay Singh, who at one time was the world number one in golf. It is also known for its wonderful water and apples. Fiji is also famous because of the tagimoucia flower that only grows there and is also known for the rich cultural heritage of its people and their handicrafts.
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Air Pacific is Fiji's international airline. This international carrier offers direct service from Sydney, Vancouver, Narita, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch
I'm so happy to hear that you're headed that way! I was born and raised in the Fiji Islands before I moved to the United States for high school and university. There are so many fantastic
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Travel Alert: The political situation in Fiji is uncertain and could deteriorate rapidly, especially in and around Suva. Check Safe Travel for current government warnings and the BBC for news ... More »
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Fiji is famous for the rich cultural heritage of its people and their handicrafts. Fiji Attractions includes the famous volcanic Viti Levu, said to have been under water for long, the giant Fijian long-horned beetle, the highest peak Tomanivi, Natadola harbour, Koroyanitu National Heritage Park and Tavuni Hill Fort.
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