What Is Fine Dining?


Fine dining refers to when a person experiences the best in food, service and atmosphere in a restaurant. Not every restaurant can offer fine dining and only the highly priced type of restaurant offers fine dining. These types of restaurants are generally the 5 star rated restaurants and the waiters in these restaurants are usually dressed in tuxedos.
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Most people go to fine dining restaurants to enjoy fine cuisine and top-notch presentation. Some restaurants are celebrated for their fresh seasonal fayre while others offer unusual
Its a bit outside Cape Town, but Le Quartier Francais ( http://www.lequartier.co.za/. is within easy reach of Cape Town, nestled in the winelands of Franschoek. . By SA standards
steps on the fine dining restaurant.
In Korea, stir fried octopus is called Nakji Bokkeum, octopus stew
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Fine dining etiquette is the right manner in which one eats while fine dining. Fine dining refers to the eating the finest in food while getting the finest service and atmosphere.
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