What Is Foamex Used for?


Foamex signs are made from a rigid, PVC based material and are both lightweight and ... The sizes in which Foamex signs can be made are either 1mm, 3mm.
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Foamex is normally a lightweight material that is made of polymer. It is used widely in the production of signage. It has a smooth surface that makes it suitable for printing and also making the Foamex boards.
Foamex signs have a variety of application: exhibition shell schemes, advertising display, signage, retail POS and POP display and wall panels for exhibitions.
Foamex is used to make signs for indoor and outdoor advertising, the material is made of rigid PVC making it durable strong and flexible. The material is weatherproof and can easily be nailed riveted or screwed to suitable surfaces as required.
Foamex refers to solid PVC mounting material whose application is in simple, non-archival functions such as exhibition prints that require a durable substrate for touring public exhibitions or shows. It is available in a range of thicknesses.
Foamex is a brand name for an expanded vinyl. Foamex is a solid mounting material used for simple, non archival purposes. It is mostly used as a durable rigid support for posters.
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It's used primarily for display signs - See the related link for an example. It can also be used for technology lessons and really can be used for anything.
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Foamex plastic is a type of PVC which has the characteristics of lightweight, good insulation, low water absorption and good mechanical properties. It is used ...
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