What Is Food Chain?


A food chain is a simple sequence that shows which organism consumes another in a biological community. Unlike a food web, the food chain follows a single path. It starts with the primary source of energy which is the sun.
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A food chain or food web is a representation of the predator-prey relationship between organisms in an ecosystem. The base of every food system is made of producers, organisms that can make their own food.
A food chain is a line of organisms where one will be food for the others. An example of simple food chain would be plants, the plants are eaten by ants, the ants are eaten by birds, the birds are eaten by coyotes. One feeds the other all the way to the top of the food chain.
A food chain is the natural survival of animals. Animals naturally eat the next animal down in size on the food chain and that animal eats the next smaller creature, and so on. That is how they keep themselves fed, to stay alive.
A food chain is the organization of living things and what they eat. A food chain shows what animals eat what other animals and plants.
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