What Is Formal Feedback?


Formal Feedback is documented feedback such as customer feedback forms. Formal feedback gathering sessions can take place on a monthly, quarterly or annual review cycle.
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Formal Feedback is a term mostly used in a business setting to refer to a documented response. It may be a form of corrective counselling meant to make an employee aware of their performance or lack of performance or a review of performance at specified interludes.
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Republicans never apologize for being wrong. In fact they consider it a huge fault to -admit- being wrong. How many times were the Republican leadership wrong during the Bush administration
Formal Feedback is documented feedback. This term is generally used in a business setting. In some cases this may be a form of corrective counseling intended to make an employee aware
I don't know that there's a particular ratio. Informal feedback should be the vast bulk of what's coming across. We sit down with employees at least twice a year and have Giant Steps
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