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France has a variety of nicknames including the hexagon- hexagon e country this is in relation to its sides). It is also called 'Marianne' and the 'country of human rights'.
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France is sometimes nicknamed the hexagon because of the general shape of the country. In their geography lessons, French children are taught to first draw an hexagon to help them's_nicknam...
Harriet Tubman was nick named Moses by her people for helping free them from slavery. For her Bravery, she was also nicknamed 'General Tubman' by John Brown.
It's commonly known by the nickname "the City of Lights" as a tribute to its intellectual and
Spain is southwest of France. The nations are separated by the Pyrenees mountains. The mountains are named after Pyrene, a character from Greek mythology.
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France has three different nicknames namely: Hexagon due to her geographical geometric shape, Marianne due to her democrat y and Viola as a symbol of human rights. France is also known as The Country of the Human Rights.
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