What Is Franking Privilege?


Franking privilege is a term used in England in order to allow those who held office in the House Of Commons to do their official business without paying postage. If you had an official seal of signature, you did not have to pay the postage required to delivery your official mail. Here in the United States it is a privilege only extended to a very few high ranking officials or in some historical cases, such as during war time, a soldier was permitted to have his mail delivered postage free.
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"Privilege" franking is a personally pen-signed or printed facsimile signature of a person with a "franking privilege" such as certain government officials (especially
Professional privilege taxes are often assessed as a flat fee. A state may charge every barber a $100 tax each year for the privilege of cutting a client's hair in the state. The
For a while I had a hard time grokking this concept because I grew up in a working-class white family and it was a struggle to pay for college and figure out my place in the world
The franking privilege (free postage) allows the mailing of official notices and other information without charge. It is used by members of Congress, the President, and his cabinet
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