What is free fall?


Free fall is a term used when your body is falling and subject only to the earth's gravity. Free falling is the initial period of time your body is falling when you go parachute diving, before you open the chute.
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falling due to gravity without any drag or other forces.
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free fall
the hypothetical fall of a body such that the only force acting upon it is that of gravity.
the part of a parachute jump that precedes the opening of the parachute.
a decline, especially a sudden or rapid decline, as in value or prestige, that appears to be endless or bottomless: The economy was in a free fall all winter.
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Free falling is when a person jumps out of a moving plane or any high height. You can free fall from a cliff, a airplane or a bridge. Make sure you have the proper gear before you free fall.
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The equation to find free fall of an object will follow one of the four Kinematic Equations.ÿ Having an object in a free fall means ...
A free-fall sensor is a component of electronic devices whose role is to detect an object that is in a state of free fall, after being dropped. The length of time ...
Free fall is defines as the falling motion of an object that is only being affected by gravity, and not by anything else. In other words, no parachutes. ...
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