What is "free play"?


Free play is defined as behaviour which is; freely chosen, intrinsically motivated, personally directed and is performed for no reward whatsoever. Free play is mostly recommended for children and is enshrined in the United Nations Convention. There are benefits associated with free play such as emotional health and intellectual development.
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Free play is a term often used within the online video gaming community. Sometimes an online game with multiple users will invite new players to play for free for a week or some established time, without having to make any form of commitment or payment. In other instances some online video games are completely free and the company providing the free play will make money from the advertisements displayed on the gaming website. Free play involves being able to interact and play a video game for no charge.
Free play is a when a person is allowed to play a game as a demo before he or she purchases the game. There are usually options given with a free play so after the trial period there is an option to buy.
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