What Is Freestyle Swimming?


Freestyle swimming is the unregulated swimming style that is used in swimming competitions according to the rules of FINA. The front crawl stroke is universally used during freestyle race, as this style is generally the fastest. As such the term freestyle is more often used as the synonym for a front crawl.
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You may want to learn how to swim freestyle for a triathlon or other swimming race or you might just want to be able to swim freestyle recreationally. Both kids and adults learn to
Australian crawl.
1. Visualize a line running down the center of your body from your chin to your chest. This line is the axis upon which your whole body should pivot, and it should extend horizontally
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The freestyle stroke and the front crawl are termed to be the fastest strokes in swimming and the only two unregulated swimming styles. The term freestyle is usually used as a synonym for the front crawl.
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Swimming became an Olympic sport during the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Initially, only freestyle and breaststroke were Olympic events, but other strokes ...
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