What Is Freezing Point?


A liquid will turn into a solid when it is frozen. This process is referred to as the freezing point. Water, for example, will freeze at 0 degrees Celsius, and turn into ice.
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The beginning of the freezing point is when frost occurs. Frost happens when the outside temperature hits the dew point, and then drops down to freezing, leaving a thin layer of ice
Apparently about -0.54 degrees Celsius. http://van.physics.illino. is.edu/.
0 degrees Celsius, for water. Freezing point of any substance is that temperature at which it turns from liquid to solid.
The melting point of actinium is 1 050. 0. C.
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freezing point
the temperature at which a liquid freezes: The freezing point of water is 32°F, 0°C.
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The freezing point of water and other substances is different depending on what form of measurement you use. The freezing point for celsius is zero degrees where as fairenheight is thirty two.
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