What Is Frequency Modulation?


Frequency modulation is a method of transmitting electronic signals by regulating the frequencies of inserted signals. It differs from amplitude modulation where the height of waves is regulated during transmission. Frequency modulation is employed in radio transmission and mobile phone technology.
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frequency modulation
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Frequency modulation conveys information over a carrier wave by varying its instantaneous frequency. This is the opposite of amplitude modulation in which the amplitude of the carrier is varied while its frequency remains constant.
A frequency modulation refers to a transmission of information by electrical signals by carrier waves in which frequency increases or decreases with the frequency of the signal.
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Frequency modulation tells information over a carrier using a variation in the frequency.You use this frequently when you are in the car listening to your favorite FM station on the
The 4G modulation frequencies are a range of wireless frequencies used in parallel to transfer data and facilitate voice calls. 4G's modulation frequency band ranges from 2 to 8 GHz
It is a device or electronic circuit that changes the frequency of an oscillator according to the amplitude of modulating signal. For instance, if the modulation is linear, the modulator
n. ( Abbr. FM ) The encoding of a carrier wave by variation of its frequency in accordance with an input signal.
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Frequency Modulation is a type of modulation in which the frequency of a radio wave leaves a carrier by an amount in proportion to the value of the modulating ...
Frequency modulation is a process in telecommunications and signal processing. It conveys information over a carrier wave by varying its instantaneous frequency. ...
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