What is Friar's balsam used for?


Friar's balsam is used primarily as a topical antiseptic and as an expectorant for stimulating coughs. Friar's balsam may be applied topically to the skin to alleviate rashes, skin sores and itching and promote healing of minor cuts and abrasions. It can also be ingested to produce mucous, and it performs the same function as cough syrups.

Friar's balsam may be used in solid and liquid form and be converted into a vapor as well. In its solid form, this remedy is applied as a healing and soothing agent to skin. It is used as an antiseptic to treat cuts and wounds and can heal chapped and cracked lips and skin. It can be inhaled to stimulate coughing and soothe sore throats, and to clear nasal congestion.

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