What Is Friar's Balsam Used for?


Friars Balsam is an inhalant oil that gives symptomatic relief from colds and/or chesty coughs. It is inhaled through a steam vapour that clears the catarrh and blocked sinuses. Friars Balsam can also work as a mild anti-septic for abrasions and minor cuts.
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Use as a inhalation for the relief of symptoms of colds, add 5mls to 500mls of hot water. Use undiluted as an antiseptic and wound dressing. We have also used it on a cotton wool
1. Pour dark or light balsamic vinegar into a sauce pan. Turn stovetop burner on, to medium-high heat. Stir in honey, sugar or fructose until blended. 2. Add a savory element, if
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Traditional/Ethnobotanical uses The drug was first imported from Spain through Peruvian ports, from which the material derives its name. Peru balsam has been used for the treatment
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Friar's Balsam is an inhalant oil which is used for providing indicative relief from sore throats, colds and chesty coughs. It is breathed in via a steam vapour and clears blocked sinuses and catarrh. It can also be used as a gentle anti-septic for abrasions and minor cuts.
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