What is front end estimation with adjustment?


Front end estimation is a system in mathematics whereby one only rounds off and add the numbers in the leftmost place or the very last number on the left. When this is done, all numbers in other places will be zeros except the number in the leftmost place after the numbers are rounded. If the numbers have two digits, one should round to the tens place before adding the leftmost digits or numbers.
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Front-end estimation is a method in mathematics for guessing the approximate sum of two numbers. The method relies on a focus upon the 'front end of the number. In other words, front-end
When using front-end estimation, we add or subtract the front digits, and then adjust for a more accurate estimation by estimating the sum of the digits to the right of the decimal
Front end estimation is a quick method to find an estimate of sums and differences.
Subtract the digits of the two highest place values Insert zeros for the
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Front end estimation is a way of rounding mathematical numbers. The digit farthest to the left are rounded and all other numbers become zeros.
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