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Funny is a term used to refer to a humorous act that achieves the effect of laughter or amusement. The term is also used to comic strips in that appear in newspapers or magazines.
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providing fun; causing amusement or laughter; amusing; comical: a funny remark; a funny person.
attempting to amuse; facetious: Did you really mean that or were you just being funny?
warranting suspicion; deceitful; underhanded: We thought there was something funny about those extra charges.
Informal. insolent; impertinent: Don't get funny with me, young man!
curious; strange; peculiar; odd: Her speech has a funny twang.
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I love to watch funny movies or comedy movies that are funny. Things that are funny make you laugh like if someone tells a joke about something silly.
1. Don't take yourself or your work too seriously. 2. Keep your wits about you. Be quick with your responses, because much of humor is getting the timing right. 3. Know that life
Someone once said, "Why is it called PMS? Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken!" I can say that because I'm a woman, but seriously, there are hundreds of websites devoted
1 Learn a little about what makes you laugh. Laughter itself is unconscious. While it is possible for us to keep ourselves from laughing (not always successfully), it is very hard
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A funny is something that makes you laugh out loud. A funny can be a sitcom, a stand-up, or something seen out in the world. ...
Be funny by telling jokes, having a light hearted approach to life and seeing humor in everyday stories. Many people who try too hard to be funny, turn out not ...
Being funny requires a knowing what to say at the right time. Some people are born funny, while other have to work at it. ...
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