What are the uses of galena?


Galena is a natural mineral form of lead and has a metallic appearance. It is considered to be the most important lead ore mineral. It is used in wireless communications system because it is a semiconductor.
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Galena is used in materials that are made of lead such as bullets, gasoline, batteries, paint, and welding solder. Galena is a lead sulphide mineral mainly found in hydrothermal veins or as fracture filings, replacements in limestone and cavity fillings. Galena is the main ore of silver and lead.
A galena refers to a bluish, grey, or black mineral material that has a metallic appearance. This mineral comprises of lead sulphide. In addition to this, it is the principal ore that is used to extract lead.
Galena is a semiconductor which found use in early wireless communication systems. It was used as the crystal in crystal radio sets, in which it was used as a point-contact diode to detect the radio signals.
Galena is the most important ore of lead, and silver is often produced as a by-product. Most lead is used in making batteries, lead sheets, pipe and shot. It is also used to make low-melting-point alloys.
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