What Is Gardening?


Gardening is a practice that involves growing plants such as vegetables, flowers, fruits and other ornamental plants. Gardening has various categories which include fruit orchards, trees and herbaceous and even lawns among others. The person who practices gardening is generally called a gardener.
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Heirloom garden seeds are seeds that come from plants that will reliably grow "true to type" from seeds. Most commercially available seeds are hybrids-grown for specific
A Zen garden represents a natural setting on a smaller scale. Raked gravel represents ripples, waves, water in rice paddies or flow lines around rocks, which stand for islands, mountains
gardening is where you take care of plants in pots or in the ground
Cyclamen with patio bricks. Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of magdalena. Near a brick patio or walkway, a brick border can set off a flowerbed. Constructing a low brick wall provides
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the act of cultivating or tending a garden.
the work or art of a gardener.
Source: Dictionary.com
Gardening is simply the act of tending to or growing a garden. It's a verb that describes all the little tasks it takes to make a gorgeous garden.
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