What is Gelmicin?


Gelmicin is used for treating fungal infections. It also functions as an acne medication and is commonly used to treat psoriasis. It is illegal in the United States due to health and safety concerns regarding side effects and drug interactions.

Gelmicin is a cream used for topical treatment of fungal infections and other chronic skin conditions. It is helpful in removing spots and blemishes associated with psoriasis, acne and infections that cause irritation and swelling. Some of the most typical uses for Gelmicin also include treatment of ringworm, warts and athlete's foot.

This medication has a wide array of moderate to severe side effects. While it treats certain fungal and bacterial infections, it is known to damage skin and cause viral infections to take root. It also triggers swelling and redness of areas where it is applied. Other side effects include rashes, blisters and darkening of the skin. For these reasons, it is not approved by the FDA and is not sold in the United States.

Gelmicin is also referred to as clotrimazole or betamethasone. Gelmicin is sometimes sold under the brand name Lotrisone. This cream is white in color and goes on clear with no noticeable odor or residue on the skin.

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