What is "general lighting"?


General lighting is defined as ambient lighting that provides an area with overall illumination. Attributes of general lighting include a comfortable level of brightness, a lack of glare and a degree of safety that allows people to walk in the dark.

The effects of general lighting are achieved with fixtures such as chandeliers, wall-mounted lights, track lighting, recessed bulbs and outdoor lanterns. A central source of ambient light is the key component of general lighting plans for a room. Ambient lighting in laundry rooms, garages and offices serve as task lighting for work, exercising or playing games.

The three basic types of lighting including ambient, task and accent lighting. Accent lighting needs at least three times as much light on the focal point over the general lighting in the room.

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What Is General Lighting?
General lighting, or ambient lighting, is how a room or an area is illuminated. The main goal of general lighting is to provide you and others the right amount of illumination so you can safely move around.... More »
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