Geotropism is a response exhibited by life forms whose growth occurs in relation to gravity. The phenomena is seen in plant roots which always tend to grow downwards, towards the centre of the earth, where gravity is most intense.
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oriented growth with respect to the force of gravity.
Geotropism can easily be explained as the way that the roots will grow in a plant. This is when the roots will grow the direction of gravity.
Geotropism is the movement of plants in response to gravity. Growing upward against gravity is negative tropism and growing downward is positive tropism.
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Geotropism the trend to grow as gravity pulls it. Take a plant for example. The roots are going to grow downward as gravity pulls them. They are displaying geotropism. However, the
Geotropism is a plant growth or movement in response to gravity. Upward growth of the plant's parts against gravity is called negative geotropism, whilst downward growth of roots
Geotropism:1:an orienting response to
geotropism: an orienting response to gravity
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The term geotropic is used as an adjective in reference to something pertaining or relating to geotropism. Geotropism refers to the development of a living organism ...
Roots show positive geotropism when they grow downwards and stems show negative geotropism where it grows away from gravity. Negative grows upwards and hence growing ...
Geotropism can be defined as the growth of a living organism in response to stimulus gravity, as the downward growth of plant roots. Good examples of this is the ...
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