To Gerrymander Is to?


Gerrymandering is the process of modifying congressional districts to advantage the party in power. By gerrymandering the districts, legislators and their political cronies use redistricting to select their voters, before voters have the opportunity to choose them.
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[jer-i-man-der, ger-]
U.S. Politics. the dividing of a state, county, etc., into election districts so as to give one political party a majority in many districts while concentrating the voting strength of the other party into as few districts as possible.
U.S. Politics. to subject (a state, county, etc.) to a gerrymander.
Gerrymandering is the division of a territorial unit into election districts to give one political party an electoral superiority in a huge number of districts while focusing the voting strength of the opposition in as few districts as possible .In could also mean to divide -an area- into political sectors to give special advantages to one organization.
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Gerrymandering is the illegal redistribution of voting districts to achieve a usually political result. They re carved the district to put all the spanish speaking people in one area
A gerrymander is an oddly shaped district design to increase the voting strength of a particular group. The name comes from salamander-shaped districts drawn up the influence of one
The term “gerrymandering” means the drawing of district lines in order to maximize the electoral advantage of a political party or faction. The term was first used in
Gerrymandering , i.e. a party's corrupt manipulation of the size and boundaries of political districts to ensure that it benefits from the voter demographics therein, was coined in
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Gerrymander refers to the act, process, or an instance of gerrymandering. It is gaining advantage by manipulating or falsifying, by perverting or by distorting ...
The word gerrymander means to manipulate the boundaries of an electrol constituency to favour one of the party classes. The district to be favoured is configured ...
Examples of gerrymandering include county boundaries that were rearranged in 2008 for an election. Gerrymandering is the process of redrawing district boundaries ...
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