From What Is Gin Made?


Gin is made from fermentation of corn and barley. The liquid is re-distilled when many flavoring agents are added. American gin is made from distilling or compounding. Distilled gin is made adding flavoring agents during a continuous process.
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Gin was developed as a medication in 17th-century Holland. By the 18th century, gin was a popular drink in London, where it was being distilled. This evolved into what is still known
in_what_state_was_the_cotton_gin_made_in_April_1793_by_Eli_Whitney. " in what state was the cotton gin made in April 1793 by Eli Whitney.
It is the juniper berry. ! Have a great day!
Vodka distilled from any starch/sugar-rich plant matter (rye/wheat/potatoes). Gin made from distillation of white grain spirit & juniper berries.
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