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Gin is made from fermentation of corn and barley. The liquid is re-distilled when many flavoring agents are added. American gin is made from distilling or compounding. Distilled gin is made adding flavoring agents during a continuous process.
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Gin was developed as a medication in 17th-century Holland. By the 18th century, gin was a popular drink in London, where it was being distilled. This evolved into what is still known
there are many. Gin martini is the first and most commonly known one. 2oz gin White Vermouth to taste stir gently Go to the site I linked and you will see virtually every cocktail
The key botanicals are juniper, coriander and angelica root.
Gin is an alcohol flavored by juniper berries. The spirit base of Gin is primarily grain (usually wheat or rye),which results in a light-bodied spirit!
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To make a gin soaked raisin recipe, place 2 cups of raisin in a cup of gin. Use gin made of juniper berries. Let the raisins sit for a week to absorb the gin. ...
If referring to straight gin it has no sugar or carbohydrate content. Gin is made up of grain base and flavored berries. Gin is classified as one of hard drinks ...
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