What Is Glitter Made of?


Glitter is made of plastic, polyester, glass, fish scales, or paper. Some are a combination of a few of these products. Glitter comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Homemade glitter can be made from egg whites, dried fish scales, and food coloring.
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Little, tiny pieces of, generally metallic coloured, plastic. This reflects the light. Often, it is included in clear glue.
High quality Glitter made of polyester films metallised with pure aluminium, which makes it very bright then coloured with solvent resistant epoxy resins
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What Glitter Is Made From?
Invented in the 1930s by cattle farmer Henry Ruschmann, glitter is a common component used in decorating craft projects. Although manufactured craft glitter appears deceptively simple, it is actually created by treating sheets of aluminum foil with... More »
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Glitter can be made up of many things. Somethings used to make glitter are plastic, metal, aluminum foil or glass.
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