What Is Globus?


Globus is the term used to describe tightness felt in the throat from a lump of something. It is also the actual item, food or objects stuck in the throat.
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The globus pallidus is part of a complex system of nuclei in the brain called the basal ganglia. Kernspintomographie image by Marem from Fotolia.com. To understand the globus pallidus
Preliator is in Latin.
( glō'bəs ) n. , pl. -bi ( -bī' ). A round or spherical body. Any of the brown bodies sometimes found in the granulomatous lesions of leprosy.
The exact cause of globus isnt known & some of the medical studies in the literature have given
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Globus pharyngis is the persistent sensation of having phlegm (a subjective feeling of a lump in the back of the throat without true dysphagia) or some other sort ...
Globus hystericus is a subjective feeling of a lump at the back of the throat without true dysphagia. Diagnosis of globus hystericus is done by thorough assessment ...
Globus hysteria is a medical term that refers to the feeling or sensation of having a lump in the throat without true dysphagia. It is a symptom of hysterical ...
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