Golden Caster Sugar?


Golden caster sugar is a sugar that is made from unrefined sugar. it is brown in colour and has a similar taste to butter toffee. it is the best for making biscuits and cakes.
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It is unrefined caster sugar. There is still a tiny bit of natural molasses left in the sugar. It does not have the heavy sticky texture of brown sugar. It is free-flowing, just like
Sugar jar. The term "caster sugar, sometimes spelled "castor sugar, implies a relatively finer-grained sugar than granulated and a coarser-grained sugar than powdered or
For those not familiar with caster sugar, it is called extra fine sugar in the US. Golden caster sugar is naturally refined caster sugar so it has a slightly golden hue because of
Caster Sugar is the. British food term. for very fine granulated sugar. Because caster sugar crystals are so fine, they dissolve very quickly, so are useful in meringues, custards,
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Golden caster sugar is the brand name of sugar produced by the Billington's company. This sugar is Unrefined Cane Sugar, and it is a natural alternative to refined white caster sugar. It is light and fine grained with a subtle buttery taste.
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