What is goldtone jewelry?


From my knowledge as a goldtone jewelry owner it is jewelry that is the same color as gold jewelry. The jewelry is just coated with a gold color and does not have any gold in it.
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Try CLR or Brasso they polish up metal and remove oils that can discolor the metal. As long as it's actually metal you should be fine but if it's metal topped off with a gold or silver
Most craft stores do carry it, in their beading/jewelry department. You may also find it in some fabric stores. Source(s): U.S.- Michael's, JoAnn's, even Wal-Mart!
Try scrubbing it with cheap toothpaste - not the fancy gel or striped kind, just the old-fashioned plain white paste with plenty of grit to it. Scrub it on with a soft toothbrush;
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