Good Things about Nuclear Energy?


The good thing about nuclear energy is that the energy produced can be used in creation of electricity, propel space crafts and in the making of war weapons such as the atomic bomb.
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Nuclear energy is a way to produce a lot of electricity fairly cheaply. Other than that there is not much good about it. For starters the uranium can 'melt down' and burn its way to the core of the planet leaving the aria uninhabitable for many decades if not centuries. The spent fuel is also very dangerous and will take thousands of years for it to degrade to a point where it is not harmful to the environment.
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Nuclear energy can be made in two ways. The first is through nuclear fusion where two atoms are fused together, and in this fusion energy is released. This is normally two hydrogen
The first recorded nuclear energy event was in 1896 by French physicist Henri Becquerel. He observed that photographic plates stored near a sample of uranium turned dark like X-ray
Before you can understand how nuclear is harmful, you must understand the process that goes into creating nuclear energy. First, uranium must be gathered and put through an enrichment
The process of nuclear fission releases heat which is then used to raise steam for a turbine/generator.
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