What Is Good Customer Service?


A good customer service is the provision of answers and solutions to every customer's needs. For more information about a good customer service, visit .
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Good customer service includes giving the customer a great overall experience. Friendly, helpful employees should smile and greet a customer when he enters the store, ask what he
Good customer service is more than handling customers who have problems (that's a complaint dept. It begins with the first contact a customer has with your company. Good customer
Listening to Customers. Great customer skills inculcated by employees enable them to listen attentively to the needs and requirements of customers and suggestions or views proffered
Budgeting (P&L) This director will have budget (profit and loss) responsibility for the department and ensure that spending remains under the organization's targets. The budget
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Good customer service is an aspect of business that can quickly be forgotten when a company begins to focus on sales and profit, but it’s a concept that should be in constant effect, since customers are always judging a business on the quality of... More »
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Good customer service is a way of showing customers that they are a vital part of your organization. It's about bringing customers back and giving them good services and products and pass on good feedback about your business and in turn they become repeat customers. Goods and Services are meant to satisfy customer needs however, goods are tangible and services are intangible.n
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