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Goofy is an animated character from Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoon. He is one of Mickey Mouse's best friends and is very clumsy with little or no intelligence. Goofy was first created on May 25, 1932 and is a fun character to watch.
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ridiculous; silly; wacky; nutty: a goofy little hat.
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Goofy is an animated character created by Walt Disney.
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Goofy is cute and funny. Sometimes when a person is goofy you can have a really good time because your'e always guareenteed a laugh. A goofy person just wants to have fun and enjoy
Goofy G. Goof is a publicly cherished individual who has brought love and joy to millions around the world. His tennue with Disney has propelled him into the spotlight; his face adornes
1. Draw an oval or circle on paper. If necessary, find a household item and trace around it. Divide the drawn shape in half vertically. Next, divide the shape in half horizontally
Goofy is a dog.
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Goofy is the character in the Walt Disney series of cartoons in the mickey mouse universe. He is a human like dog that wears a hat and drives a car and is one ...
Goofy is an animated cartoon character created and produced in Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse universe. He is an anthropomorphic dog and is among Mickey Mouse's best ...
You can draw Goofy with only a few simple steps. To begin you will start with a circle in the center of your paper. Add a half dog bone shape to the bottom. Put ...
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