What Is Green Tourism?


Historically, green tourism is travelling that is environmentally welcoming or a kind that is universal. This form of travelling also does not concern itself with economic or cultural elements of the destination, but current uses of the expression that contain full sustainable tourism principles.
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Green tourism, also known as ecotourism involves travel to areas of natural or ecological interest eg: rainforests, mountains, rainfalls. etc.
Individuals have practiced medical tourism for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, pilgrims traveled all over the Mediterranean to the healing god, Asklepios, at Epidaurus. In
Ecotourism, according to Heather Robinson (2006), is a subset of sustainable tourism, differing by its focus on ecology. Ecotourism is sustainable tourism that "contributes actively
Tourism-related taxes are usually local taxes rather than state taxes. For example, San Francisco has a hotel tax that is 1% - 1.5% of room revenue. But on your last trip to California
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Green tourism is used to describe two groups of activities: tourism focused on visiting wildlife sites, and secondly tourism which is sustainable, that is tourism which does not damage the sites and communities being visited.
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