What Is Green Tourism?


Historically, green tourism is travelling that is environmentally welcoming or a kind that is universal. This form of travelling also does not concern itself with economic or cultural elements of the destination, but current uses of the expression that contain full sustainable tourism principles.
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"Travel is the best education, and by experiencing each other's foods we learn something new about each other's cultures. This statement is included in the mission and goals
Green Tourism is Sustainable Tourism - tourism which takes into account the needs of the environment, local residents, businesses, and visitors; now and in the future. It is relevant
This is where you get a package deal such as lodging, food, and tours for one price. Wouldn't recommend it, but that's my opinion as a frequent traveler. Book everything separately.
"Alternative Tourism" concept that is defined as not being mass tourism. Under the alternative tourism concept we can find a series of classifications and types of tourism
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Green tourism is used to describe two groups of activities: tourism focused on visiting wildlife sites, and secondly tourism which is sustainable, that is tourism which does not damage the sites and communities being visited.
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