What is Greenware?


Being a crafter who loves to work on ceramics, I know that greenware is simply slip or clay that has been formed from being placed into a mold and then intended for firing once cleaned and sanded to make beautiful ceramic pieces.
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Definition of Greenware
"Greenware" is a term with several different possible meanings. There are references to the term greenware in pottery, computer software and plastic beverage cup manufacturing. Greenware is also a type of computer and a type of software license.... More »
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Greenware is used to describe clay before it has been fired in a kiln. Sometimes you fire the greenware first and then paint it to get one look or you can also paint it first and
It is usually clay from a mold prior to firing, liquid clay is poured in a mold and allow to set up for a period of time, then the excess is poured out leaving an object with a degree
1. Clean up any rough edges before putting the ceramic greenware in the kiln. Allow the piece to dry for several days. If the ceramics were made by pouring ceramic slip into a mold,
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Greenware is a common hobby ceramic mold. Greenware refers to taking a ceramic mold and leaving it untreated or green. Like an egg, greenware ceramic molds can ...
Greenware is a phrase that has several different possible meanings. There are references to this term in pottery, computer software as well as plastic beverage ...
The term ceramics greenware is a type of pottery that has completely dried in a mold until it has become leather hard. It is dried and completely in what is done ...
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