What is grooming?


Grooming is establishing predatory relationship, developing the trust of a young person in order to engage in illegal sexual conduct. It could also mean the taking care of a personal appearance; the things which you do to yourself to make you appear tidy and pleasant.
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Grooming for instance in a dog, usually consists of bathing, trimming the nails and a haircut. Human grooming would be a bath or shower, shaving if you are a man, brushing ones teeth
Ask him outright what kind of party he wants, and remember this is his bachelor party, not your bachelor party. You may be fantasizing about exotic dancers, but your buddy might have
A groom's cake is a single layer cake that can be a simple sheet cake or a 3-D design that represents the groom's hobbies or lifestyle. By tradition, the groom's cake is not meant
Grooming is like...Bathing,Brushing! Basically like cleaning up an
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[groom, groom]
a bridegroom.
a man or boy in charge of horses or the stable.
any of several officers of the English royal household.
Archaic. a manservant.
to tend carefully as to person and dress; make neat or tidy.
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Grooming is the activity of putting on clothes or getting dressed or giving a neat appearance to something. The word could also mean to educate or prepare for a future role or function. The noun referring to the activity that leads to expert behaviour is also called grooming.
Grooming is more than brushing your pet. It is bathing, clipping, combing, cutting toe nails, trimming face hair, and cleaning ears, to name just a few things.
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The importance of grooming is for good hygiene and sanitation purposes. Grooming is a way for humans and animals to keep their bodies clean and free of dirt, ...
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