What Is Gross Insubordination?


Gross insubordination refers to a high degree of in submissiveness of a junior ranked individual to their senior. It entails deliberate decline to follow orders or overlook of the to normal protocol.
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someone like a solider who refuses not to take orders from a officer of some higher rank.
Gross wilful/intentional insubordination, refusal to work or to carry out instructions
Insubordination is a labor contract term: when a labor member refuses to carry out a management decision, the labor member is on notice that he has put his entire union in danger
Insubordination is when someone like a soldier refuses to follow a legal order given by an appointed higher ranking officer.
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Insubordination is a form of disobedience to a higher authority. A good example of insubordination is an employee who does not respect his employer. Gross insubordination therefore refers to a persistence and excessive disobedience and defiance and intentional negligence to ones duties and rudeness to authority.
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The definition of gross insubordination can be related to in business. This would mean the severe defiance of an employee to their supervisor. Examples of this ...
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