What Is Hagaki Paper?


Hagaki paper refers to a sized paper setting that can be programmed to fit in most inkjet printers. Hagaki is a word that is derived from Japanese and so other printers may call it 'Japanese postcard'. The 'hagaki', also called the Japanese postcard, is the official postcard size that is mainly recognized in Japan.
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The word "hagaki" is Japanese. Due to the language barrier, some printers do not offer it as an option, instead offering an equivalent size called "Japanese postcard.
Don't know if it's related to this guy and the first Japanese paper money .... sound's about the same though, see-: '2-1' (http://www.imes.boj.or.jp/cm/english...ure_gra2-1.htm) Ah
Hagaki paper refers to a paper size setting that can be programmed into most inkjet printers. Any paper size other than the printer's default size setting must be specifically selected
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Hagaki paper is the paper size setting that inkjet printers are programmed with. Hagaki is a Japanese word meaning 'postcard' which is the official postcard size in Japan.
The term Hagaki paper, is not an actual paper but a setting. It can be programmed into printers so they will print out a postcard size image. Since the word Hagaki is Japanese, most printers will use the term Japanese postcard instead.
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