What Is Hard Wood?


Hard wood is regarded as wood obtained from an angiosperm tree. This is a non-monocot tree that reproduces through its seeds. The classification is based on how the trees reproduce and examples include; oak, cherry, walnut, maple, poplar, ash, and birch trees.
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Hard woods are plants that produce seeds with some sort of covering like a fruit or a hard shell. They are typically decidous, denser and harder.
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1. Mark the Robertson screwdriver 1 inch from the back end. This marks your grip. 2. Measure 6 feet up the wall. Make a mark. 3. Lay the steel plate on the floor beneath the mark.
1 Consider solid hardwood . Solid hardwoods have been the traditionally used material in flooring for some time now. They will give a room an elegant, old-world look and for good
cherry, walnut, oak.
Very hard: petrified wood rates between 7 and 8 on Moh’s Hardness Scale, with talc at 1 and diamonds at 10.
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