What Is Harvard Mascot?


Harvard University's mascot is John Harvard. The physical address location for Harvard University is 88 Longwood Avenue Boston, Massachusetts 02115.
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John Harvard. I know, hard to believe having a person for a mascot but its true. Their official mascot color is crimson.
Harvard's mascot is John Harvard, a pilgrim character named after their
The school mascot is John Harvard, a pilgrim-like figure in 17th-century dress. Harvard's school color is crimson. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 03:
The official Harvard mascot is John Harvard who was a local minister in the colony. The mascot is often depicted with a black Pilgrim hat. The school was named in John Harvard's honor
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The mascot for Harvard is a difficult one to dress up as. Their mascot is a person by the name of John Harvard. This man is the mascot because the school was named after him.
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John Harvard is the name of the Harvard University mascot. The team is the Crimson. The school is located in Cambridge, MA. ...
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