What Is Harvesting?


Harvesting is the process of collecting crops that have matured from the fields. When a crop has ripened in season, it is collected for human consumption and this is what is referred to as harvesting. In medicine, it is seen as removing tissues or organs for transplantation or experimental purposes from an animal or human being.
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History. In America the harvest table, as it is recognized today, began with the feasts Pilgrims planned as a fall harvest celebration. These feasts are most recognized as the roots
when people get the food they need and eat it.
We hand harvest a few acres of table grapes each year and choose to use small pruners to cut the bunches off the vine and place them into food-ready containers. We average over 150
It is defined as "the season for gathering in agricultural crops.
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the gathering of crops.
the season when ripened crops are gathered.
a crop or yield of one growing season.
a supply of anything gathered at maturity and stored: a harvest of wheat.
the result or consequence of any act, process, or event: The journey yielded a harvest of wonderful memories.
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Harvesting is when all the fruit of the plant or tree is done growing, and then you can pick the fruit or vegetables. For example, on a tree filled with apples you would pick them and put them in a basket so people can eat them.
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