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Heather is the name of a very famous ornamental plant. It is a common Eurasian heath (Calluna vulgaris) native to alpine and northern regions. It has small packed sessile leaves and racemes of small usually purplish-pink flowers.
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any of various heaths, especially Calluna vulgaris, of England and Scotland, having small, pinkish-purple flowers.
(of a yarn or fabric color) subtly flecked or mottled: all-cotton turtlenecks in your choice of five solid colors plus heather gray and heather green.
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Heather is a low evergreen plant found mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. The flower, leaf, and plant top are used for manufacturing medicine. Heather is also called Callunae vulgaris herba, Calluna vulgaris, Calluna vulgaris flos, Callune, Erica vulgaris, Ling, Scotch Heather.
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