What Is High School Homecoming?


High school homecoming is a tradition to welcome back alumni from school. Homecoming is usually focused on a banquet or party, and an athletic event like American football or basketball. There is also a Homecoming Court usually composed of a king and queen and their prince and princesses. Sometimes a parade is also included in the festivities.
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What Is a High School Homecoming?
Homecoming celebrates current students and alumni of a high school and are rich in traditions and history.... More »
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High school homecoming varies for each school. Most homecomings are held one to two months after school has started for the year.
A high school home coming is usually the last game of the season, and is played on the home court. There is a celebration and the king and queen of homecoming are crowned.
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High school homecoming is an event for students to vote for the most liked girl and boy, also known as most popular. A presentation of who wins in announced during the halftime of
History Although debated, the NCAA gives the University of Missouri credit with holding the first homecoming. In 1911, Athletic Director Chester Brewer asked alumni to inaugurate
Well you get dressed up and grind on people.
1 Create a basic to-do list. As the dance planning progresses this list will get more and more complicated. Begin with: Theme Location Decorations DJ Photographer Refreshments Chaperons
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A high school homecoming dance is a dance held by students in late September or early October to welcome back former residents or alumni. It is part of a festival ...
A High School Homecoming is a traditional ceremony where the alumni of the school are invited to the school. This event usually takes place once a year. All the ...
High school homecoming ideas include putting on a spirit gear. This is done by face painting and wearing T-shirts with synonymous messages. Cheerleaders and team ...
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