What Is HKCMD?


Hkcmd.exe is the short form for Intel Hotkey Command Module. It is normally installed with the Intel graphics and chipset drivers to give support for a range of hotkeys to allow one to quickly change the graphics settings. This practice is a nonessential process and can securely be terminated.
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"hkcmd.exe" is Intel's "extreme" grahics hot key interceptor. If you never use the Intel hotkeys, you can go to Control Panel > Intel Extreme Graphics >
It is a program made by microsoft, distributed with windows. some hackers use it to gain entrance to your PC though. Go to C:\Windows\System32 and delete "hkcmd.exe" and
The free file information forum can help you find out if hkcmd.exe is a virus, trojan, spyware, adware which you can remove, or a file belonging to a Windows system or an application
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Hkcmd.exe refers to an Intel hotkey that is installed in all Intel ...
Description: You may experience one of the following symptoms: HKCMD Error Error: “hkcmd module has encountered a problem and needs to close” Error ...
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