What Is Holistic Thinking?


Holistic thinking involves perceiving a system through sensing its large-scale patterns and reacting to them. Holistic thinking is mostly applied in social situations which need sensitivity, intuition and tact. In the context of computers, holistic thinking individuals can be likened to a parallel processor.
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Holistic (adj) relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems. It means to
Design Thinking is inherently holistic. It's a method of thinking of the problem as a whole, and thinking of solutions in a non-isolated way. Stated another way, Design Thinking requires
Holistic thinking considers the "whole" to be made up of its independent parts. As such it tries to give you the "big picture" rather than a narrow view of the
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Holistic thinking is a way of thinking that identifies actions and attitudes which leads towards a broader, more selfless way of thinking.
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