What Is Homers Dads Name on the Simpsons?


The name of the father of Homer on the Simpsons is Grampa Abraham Simpson, he is 83 years old and is a WWII veteran. In the TV animated series the Abraham Simpson is portrayed as being a bit senile and cranky.
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Abraham Simpson.
Homer Simpsons dad is Sgt.Abraham J.Simpson (voiced by Dan Castellaneta)commonly called
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Homer Simpson's father is called Abe Simpson, who is depicted as a veteran of the Second World War. He is also the grandfather of Bart, Lisa, and Maggi; residing in Springfield Retirement Castle. The Simpsons is an American television series that tells of the adventures of a working class family in the fictitious city of Springfield.
Homer Simpson's Dads name is Abraham Jay 'Abe' Simpson simply put as Grampa. The fictional character in the animated series is also the grandfather to Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson. He is popular for his endless rambling and incoherent stories.
Homer Simpson is the third child of Abraham Simpson born in 1952. His dad full name is Abraham 'Abe' Jay-Jedediah Simpson II, but he was also known as Grampa Simpson born in 1927. He is a World War II veteran.
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