What Is Horse Riding?


Horse riding involves travelling while being carried by a horse on its back.
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Horse Riding in the olympics is a couple of things. There's Show jumping indviual and team. I think there is Cross Country Ind. and team and there is Dressage Ind. and team. I hope
Do you want to learn how to ride a horse western style? Western is one of the two main ways to ride a horse. It's slightly different from the other major riding style, English, in
1. Once the draft horse is bridled up, you can ride a draft horse bareback, with a saddle or a bareback pad. It depends on your riding ability or what makes you most comfortable.
Do you mean jodpurs? They can be made out of a myriad of materials but they all have padding on the inside of the knees.
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Horse riding is the riding of horses while controlling their movements, usually as a form of exercise, competition or for fun. This thrilling activity is enjoyed by all ages with more people taking it up every day.
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