What Is Horse Riding?


Horse riding involves travelling while being carried by a horse on its back.
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Learning how to ride a horse takes guidance and practice. It's not an easy thing to learn on your own. Consider taking lessons at a riding school when you're first getting started
To stop the rider's thighs from rubbing on the stirrup leathers/saddle/horse.
1. Place a saddle pad or cloth on the horse first. Start by placing a saddle pad or other piece of material on and around the horse's body. Rub the horse all over with the material
1 Make sure you fit the horse. If you are too small to reach beyond the saddle he or she won't be understand your leg aids properly and won't go forwards when you ask him or her to.
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Horse riding is the riding of horses while controlling their movements, usually as a form of exercise, competition or for fun. This thrilling activity is enjoyed by all ages with more people taking it up every day.
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