What Is Horse Riding?


Horse riding involves travelling while being carried by a horse on its back.
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The most important aspect of a good riding boot is that it fits your feet properly. The rider's foot should be secure in the boot. Your heel should not slide in the boot, and your
English chaps are to protect your legs from chaffing fromt he saddle. Western ones were used for protection from snake bites and such and are used more for tradition and looks than
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A basic standard is that a 1000 lbs saddle horse eats about 20lbs of fodder per day, plus about 1.5 lbs of grain per hour of work. If dryland pasture is the only source of forage,
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Horse riding is the riding of horses while controlling their movements, usually as a form of exercise, competition or for fun. This thrilling activity is enjoyed by all ages with more people taking it up every day.
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