Horsehair Plaster?


Horsehair plaster is made from lime putty and sand, horsehair as well as water. This type of material was commonly used in the ancient times and can only be found in really old building or constructions sites.
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A horsehair plaster is a covering on the wall mostly dominant in the construction sector. Horsehair plaster is basically made from a mixture of horsehair, sand and lime putty. These three materials were used ages ago in mortar work during construction. Right proportions were necessary if at all the building was to last. These materials brought out the best master walls ever in those times. One of the disadvantages however was the frequenting cracking of walls.
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Horsehair plaster provides walls with a textured look due to the horsehair that it contains. It can be found in older houses but is not often used for new homes ...
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Horsehair plaster is found in homes that are over a century old. When homes were built during that time, the builders were very creative with the supplies used ...
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