What Is Hotel Management?


Hotel management is the executive level of a hotel. This management position will oversee all aspects of running a hotel. This will be in the form of the hotel, housekeeping, restaurant, meetings, etc.
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While there are no special qualifications required to obtain a position as a hotel manager, many do posses a degree in hospitality services or business administration. This is because
Hotel management refers to professional management techniques used in the hospitality sector. These can include hotel administration, accounts, marketing, housekeeping, front office
Balance. You want your guests to be happy, you want their experience to be enjoyable, and you want them to be okay with paying the rate you are charging them. You want the environment
The median salary for a hotel manager, is $39,500 for a first year manager, to
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About Hotel Management
Hotel management, or hospitality management, is defined as running or managing a hotel. Hospitality managers are in charge of everything from housekeeping and reservations to catering and concierge services. While it is possible to earn this position by... More »
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