What is human agility?


Human agility refers to the speed and nimbleness of a person. It is the ability to move your body quickly and easily while maintaining body control and balance. Human agility is mainly used as an athletic term and this practice is very essential in this field.
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As defined by brianmac.co.uk, agility is the ability of an organism to shift direction effectively and efficiently. Dictionary.reference.com says that agility is the ability to move
agile is quickness and accuracy of movement.
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agility dogs need to be very intelligent and "eager to please" dogs. australian shepards, labs, pointers, spaniels, etc
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Human agility is the ability of a human to move quickly and change its position in a fast, efficient manner. One can improve agility through exercise.
Human agility is the ability to change your body position to compensate for the situation. You use speed, reflexes, balance, strength, and endurance to do this.
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