What Is I 797 Notice of Approval?


The I 797 notice of approval is sent out by the Department of Justice. The notice will also list the petitioner, the beneficiary and the notice type with the class.
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The Department of Homeland Security now has authority over visa applications. Within the DHS, the United States Customs and Immigration Service, or USCIS, takes the application, examines
Once you receive a Notice of Action informing you of the approval of the K-1 petition, the I-797 will tell you the validity period of the K-1 petition. An approved K-1 visa petition
Answer you can file an I-824 Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition to replace a lost approved application. The current fee for this form is $195 but will be
Your employer may have a courtesy copy of the I-797, but this may not have the I-94 that you are seeking. The consulate may only require this version, and they are supposed to be
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What Does an I-797 Approval Notice Mean?
When you file an application for a visa with the Department of Homeland Security, the process can be long and frustrating. You must complete forms, pay fees, submit to investigations, attend interviews and provide evidence to support your application. At... More »
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There are several different uses of an I 797 notice of approval form. These papers are used by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. An I 797 is commonly sent when the application is approved.
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An I-797 Notice of Action means that your petition has been approved or denied. The form is issued after a visa application has been filed with The Department ...
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