What's Illegal to View on the Internet?


Illegal internet viewing refers to the viewing of illegal online content, which includes child pornographic materials, images and websites. One may also be prohibited from viewing online hate and xenophobia websites and grooming in chat rooms.
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Pornography is illegal and and also for school students First answer by Denzelgreat4. Last edit by Denzelgreat4. Contributor trust: 0 [recommend contributor]. Question popularity:
Zooming changes your view of different websites. For example, in Opera's Web browser, users click the "View" button in the bottom left corner of the screen and select "
File sharing is not illegal. Copying copyrighted works without permission is. This is based on many national and international copyright laws.
Illegal immigration helps keep the economy moving by filling low-wage jobs
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There are various things that are illegal to view on the internet and they include bestiality and child pornography. There are many activists who have come up to ensure that these are not permitted for viewing especially where minors are concerned.
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