What Is Immortality?


Immortality is the ability to live forever. Immortality also refers to the quality of not being forgotten, everlasting, immortal words. In science it refers to the indefinite growth or division of cells especially those used in culture.
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living forever. not dying. things like that.
Pro: the end of something that is widely feared and dreaded, bringing people a great deal of sadness. Bonus: more time to get things done. Con: Death is a major agent of change and
The word 'immortality' means: not subject to death; immortal deitie...
(ĭ-môr'tl) adj. Not subject to death: immortal deities; the immortal soul. Never to be forgotten; everlasting: immortal words. Of or relating to immortality. Biology. Capable
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immortal condition or quality; unending life.
enduring fame.
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Immortality means being unable to kill no matter what happens. An immortal is a person who will always exist and cannot be destroyed even if the universe was destroyed. God is believed to be Immortal and humans cannot be since they die.
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